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Who we are?


Because we are the best in the business since 2008

Approved by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India, Pioneer Flying Academy trains aspiring pilots for the Commercial Pilot’s License (CPL) and Private Pilot’s License (PPL) as per the curriculum and standards laid down by Indian Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).


Prime Location

The airfield with a runway length of 4000ft is strategically located in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh at a distance of just 139 kilometers (2 hours) from New Delhi. We conduct Aviation/Ground and radio telephony classes in New Delhi & Aligarh.


Experience like no other

Exclusive Air Traffic Control with allocated radio frequency for two-way communication. Aligarh airfield is dedicated for flying training activities and is set in scenic and peaceful surroundings. It is available for unrestricted flying training, which will enable training to be completed in a shorter time. Clean environments and better weather conditions make for ideal flying training environments. 


Fly with the Leader

Pioneer is determined to gives its students the most comprehensive flying training experience. Simulators, computer based training programs, along with the most experienced and qualified instructors and a well-equipped library enables students to gain access to the best classroom and ground training with practical experience.


In addition to the regular ground subjects, Pioneer will provide ground training in Cockpit Resources Management (CRM), English Language Proficiency - Level  4 (Operational), Human Factors in Flying Operations, Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Air,  Flight and Ground Safety.



  • Modern aircraft  for training pilot licences.

  • Para-sails and parachutes for air sports.

  • Aviation/Ground and Radio telephony equipment  for  R/T Licences.

  • Airfield at Aligarh (UP) for unrestricted Flying Training.

  • Air traffic control with allocated radio frequency for two way communication.

  • Most experienced and qualified flying instructors.

  • Best Audio / Visual and electronic training aids.

  • Library with selected aviation books and reading material.

  • Guidance at every level.

  • Last but not the least, our safety assurance.


Faculty & Crew

Our top notch crew members have garnered the highest awards in aeronautics in the nation, year after year.  Your safety is ensured every time you lift off with the experience and knowledge found in our cockpits.




PIONEER values time and therefore provides intensive and quality ground and flying training

enable students complete the training early.   


PFA has a very standardized training programme which complies with Indian as well as International 

flying training requirements. 


PFA has the best expertise in ground as well as flying training. PFA will monitor the training progress 

on regular basis and provide additional training wherever required so that the students maintain the 

level of learning expected at each stage. PFA takes care of each student as PFA values its reputation 

as much as its students’ career. 


In addition to the regular ground subjects, PFA will provide ground training in Cockpit Resources 

Management (CRM), English Language Proficiency - Level  4 (Operational), Human Factors in Flying 

Operations, Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Air,  Flight and Ground Safety.


Capt. Anil Kumar

Chief Flying Instructor

Age: 44

Total Flying Experience: 6400HRs +

Total Instructional Hours: 5850 Hrs +

Qualification(s): CPL, FRTOL, FIR, IR, RTR

Safety Record: 100%

Capt. Anil Kumar our Chief Flying Instructor who has done more than 5000 Hrs of instructional flying 

is a widely experienced Pilot having multi-field experience like instructional night, instrument and 

multiengine instructor rating. He is credited with having a clean safety record in his entire 

Instructional Flying Career, which supports our special emphasis on safety.


Capt. Anil is assisted by Pilot Intructor(s) and Assistant Pilot Instructor(s) who are also well qualified 

and experienced, which adds to our instructional strength in expediting the training process.

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